Daj Się Poznać 2016 – Get started


About me

My name is Wojtek and I am 23. I program in C# from two years. For now I focus on web technologies – I love ASP.NET MVC, but at the same time I am interested in all what is connected with programming.

Why I participate Daj Się Poznać 2016

Firstly I am wasting too much time for youtube, facebook, other social media and I need some kind of rules, motivation to move forward. Daj się poznać competition seems to be a really good oportunity to keep going and don’t look back!

Secondly I see so much potential in this competition and It would be really stupid to don’t be part of It. I just say that It can be a really easy way to make life more interesting and for sure It is! Also I believe that events like this can help with my career.

Tablica Uśmiechu

I want to create a web application which will have inpact for people, maybe in some way help them (I hope so) because I think that there is no more important that every single human on this planet. We are sourended with thousands of negativ emotions sad sittuantions which are making us miserable and We are scared to do just one more step forvard to change our life – because we live in fear.

We already know the purpose of my project, .. and how I exacly will achieve that?

My web app will be a collection of a positive short stories, photos and videos (of course added by people) which show how amazing world is and how little we need to be happy and to make someone else life better. In short there will be a positive content which i hope so will makes people smile 🙂

What about technologies

I am going to use ASP.NET MVC  and I want to learn WCF so I also will use It. Every day I am scrolling developer forums and I often see „Azure” word so why not to get close to this? Three months ago I interested AngularJS and I am really impressive about that so also I want to learn more about It.
It will be also cool to create mobile application connecting with WCF services. Only my free time is a limit 😦

I want to create user friendly modern interfece so need to focus also frontend little more.


I need to say that I decided to write my blog in English because I just want to learn It! So please forgive me my mistakes. I will rewrite my posts If I catch any serious mistakes (yes I know there are a lot of here 😀 ) 🙂

There is no more to say so


Yes I love Fast and Furious 😉



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