SmileTable – Home Page Introduction

In this post I want to consider how Smile Table home page will looks like.

Like I mentioned in earlier posts It is very important to have draft of our idea. I thinked about SmileTable apperance and I have idea in my mind but I didn’t move it to paper to have clear image. That is why for now I don’t want to tell and show any adveced layout info. I want to introduce main behaviors for home page and show some already created logic associated with that.

At the beginning I want to say that the most important functions on main page will be: display posts, option of rating posts and of course option of comment posts.
I just came up with the idea that It will be nice to notify users if theris post was rated or comment. It for sure will helpfull to track conversations and have some kind of feedback from SmileTable application.

Sorry for the off topic but that is why I am doing It, that is why I am participating in Daj się poznać 2016 competition. I seen already some time ago HOW MUCH WE ARE LEARNING by attempt to share our knowledge with others. It works in the same way like it works in this case. I just catch an idea that It will be nice to add user notifications. Mayby It is very trivial example but on my authopsy I can say that MANY time during write some question on programming forum after many hours spent on search solution I just find my answer before I just click send button. That’s have a power and I think for example by writing technical posts on forum better or worse we learn a lot, It gives us some kind of another look on our case.

So basically on the main page we will just have CRUD operations. And now You may see how table connections makes our life easier. For example if we fetch some data from database like Post object we have access not only to Post object properties but also to tables which are connected. That is cool isn’t It ? Of course we will need to map our data transfer objects to data contracts and data contracts to view models that is a lot of job but by doing that manually we can make some friendship with LINQ. We will learn how Select query works because in many cases we don’t need all the object properties, so It is no neccessery to send them. Another example is in view models we shouldn’t send itemId to view if It’s not neccessery.
There is one cool tool which I get close just two weeks ago. It’s automapper. It’s easy to use and do all job for us. However for now I don’t use that. I wanted but I had some trouble with cricural reference and I let It go because I didn’t had many time to make It works. Nevertheless i will back to auto mapper to look close to that tool.

In next post of SmileTable series I will show some pieces of my current work code for main page. I think It will be nice to get look back on this code for one or two monthes when  SmileTable application will looks better 🙂



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