SmileTable architecture has blowed up

Yes that was what happened with SmileTable service oriented architecture..

FF destroy2
I wanted to use WCF in SmileTable application because I wanted to learn WCF because i needed It and of course I was interested in what exactly is WCF. After hours of learn WCF I started build SmileTable and I created basic service oriented architecture which is working.
Day after day I was more thinked was WCF a really good choice for SmileTable ? And I have conclusion It was not. I don’t really see future for applications like SmileTable build on service oriented architecture. I mean that what I fill is service oriented architecture, WCF are more complicated in developing, for sure requires more attention and persistance. I also think that WCF will better works if we want to use the same services with web and desktop application. I have written there is possibility in WCF to write REST Web API with the aim of mobile applications, but I don’t know how it really will works. Also I had some problems with user authentication (i tried to use ASP.NET identity) and I think there will be many more problems on my way.

FF embara

I don’t fill bad about that because I really love learn programming and I am sure that I will make service oriented architecture works well, even with mobile application. I have readed that for now Microsoft have bought Xamarin and It is for free!! That is awesome I allways wanted to create some mobile app, I learned really short about Windows Phone application but I don’t see any future for me in Windows Phone applications. And now It is possible to create C# application in Xamarin technology for Android and IOS and I want to learn that. I allways wanted to create something and give it to use by people and extra earn on It.

I think It is also very important to do what we like not what we have to do. Of course in work I have task and I have to do It, but do I need do the same in home? No..! Secondly I don’t know my path yet I want to try different ways to find that one. That is why I prefer to spend time on learn xamarin or write some cool stuff in ASP.NET MVC instead of solve probles in my service oriented architecture.

You ask me you destroyed what you did and now what ?

There is no need to wory, about 2 weeks ago I have started create new object oriented architecture for SmileTable and It’s done of course on GitHub. It’s a more better that my old service oriented architecture ( which of course was no finished – that is why ).

Now SmileTable has Dependency Injection connected with generic repository and I am going to write unit tests. I know that some tests often should be written before creating application methods but it is no to late! I realized how unit tests are important no long ago when I start working for real and I want to learn It to create good applications. I already have created UnitTest solution to remember that 😛 !

I have plan to 31.05 date of end Daj Się Poznać 2016, finish SmileTable application home page and user page. I also have hope that I will have time to learn about Xamarin and If I will like It start create mobile application for SmileTable! It’s small chance to do that because there will be some work with user interface on web app but I for sure will do that in future.



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