SmileTable User Interface – why is so important

In this post I want to share with my thoughts about user interface because I think It is very important part of applications.

Of course for me the most important is application must works. Thats for me priority, I also focus on good architecture. I allways try my best If I only have a time to do that. That is my point of view – junior developer view ;p.
I am also avare of that It’s not all, I mean that what if I create application but no one want to buy It from me ? That sucks. I think to create usfull and popular application of course most important is an idea. Idea which is unique and can help, make people life easier  and have influence for their life in any way. That is first thing.

What I see in our daily big role plays first impression. It concerns with everything. We meet somebody and we see do we like meet him again or no. That is the key. I know in future we can like somebody who we haven’t liked from first time but the question is do we will have time to better know ?

Let’s focus on applications now, websites etc. What I do when I visit page which I have never seen before. Firstly I focus of general look. Am I interested or not ? Do I see something new, do I want to click something to see the efect ? Secondly very important is usefull of that application. What weel look give me if I am on page to book a ticket for movie and I don’t know how to do that. I see many animations, colors wow efects and I still don’t know how to buy damn ticket. I am frustrating and I left that site because I give up, maybe I don’t have time to spend 5 or 10 minutes on page to buy ticket. I just need that simple. I hope You are see my goal.

In conclusion I want to say that I think user interface is VERY important part of our applications. Many backend developers or so known full-stack developers whatever It means don’t like frontend. I like frontend but I prefer do things on server side for sure!
Ithink user interface and easy of use application have main influence if user will buy that application or not, will visit that page or not? Secondly he expect that applications works well and do what It has to do.
I will try to create user interfece which will user friendly and will encourage user to visit that page again. Because what is our application without recipients ?



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