Need for organization

There is almost nine days to finish Daj się poznać 2016 competition! There is little time and so many things to do yet. That is sucks and In this post I want to introduce tool which helping me with organize.

Our brain is laden by many tasks. For sure we think about many things even if we don’t want to think about them. We think about work, relationships, life, future, family, obligations etc.

Like we see there is a lot of reasons why we don’t want and we shouldn’t force brain to handle other unnecessary things. I think in life very inportant is FOCUS and concentraction on one thing. Only then we can work efficiently and we can achieve many goals!

To organize my work I am using additional tools. There is one tool which I like the most and is free – On trello page we can create boards and save tasks which we have to do. I have created board to SmileTable to know exactly my tasks status.

trello SmileTable board

This is my latest screen with my task. I created three columns. First with ToDo header which is telling me what I have to do, secon with Doing header, so basically this telling me what I am doing now and last Done – I have there tasks which are finished.
Board is dynamic – I can move my tasks between columns. I also added tags (color stripes) which telling me what kind of task It is. For example yellow tag  is a new backend task. This helps me because I know what kind of task It is and I know do I want to do it now or not. Of course we can add tag with priority to know which tasks are more inportant than others.

In conclusion I recommend that tool because It helps me a lot. Now I don’t have to think again and again about things which I have to do because I open my board and I exactly know my status.



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