SmileTable User profile page

In applications like SmileTable so where users play main role so something like user nook is necessary. This is a place where use can see your profile, change password, see your posts coments and other stuff like statistic firends etc.

That’s why SmileTable could not miss that place. Fortunately Bootstrap makes life easier. To do user profile page I have used Bootstrap navs as structure,. It wors nice, looks nice and is enjoyable for eyes.

If I am logged and I click on my profile username, hyperlink redirect me to that page. After click anotherone username I am on the same page but tabs Edit and Change password are inactive. Instead of them I have intention to create tabs for example something like contact with user etc.

What I can say more about user profile tab photo is changing async by ajax request. This page is almost static, only right container is changing after click tab. After click edit It looks like it:


For display different tabs I am using of course partial views


User tab is not finished yet so Posts and Statistic tabs contains lorem ipsum ;). There are most needed functions for start application.
What is nice about Bootstrap is mobile first so there is very easy to create responsive pages without any addition effort. It’s really nice 🙂

I don’t know what I can say more about my profile tab. I can say about form validation and bootstrap alerts but It’s topic for another post 🙂 For User profile tab I have created additional controller (userController).



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