SmileTable cool stuff

I think details are very important because make application more attractive and focus user attention. That’s why in SmileTable application mentioned „details” can not be ommieted.

1. Modals

I think modals are very cool stuff because look nice and are easy to use thank bootstrap.
Modals makes application modern and I think they are just practical because I don’t need to display new page if I don’t want to. I can display new page in modal window.
SmileTable using modals for login and register form and for share post.



2. Responsive TextArea

Second very nice SmileTable feature are responsive textareas. There are two kind of textarea. For Add new post textarea looks like this:

You ask where is magic? After type some text textarea is auto resizing. So after add some Lorem Ipsum textarea look like this:


For add new comment to post there is a textarea which is working the same way like above one, but looks quite different.

And after add some text


I think dynamic textareas are very nice for user and makes application more alive 🙂

3. The responsively

Bootstrap provides very cool stuff for developers for free. Bootstrap is mobile first, that is why creating web application for browser and phone is very easy. Using bootstrap classes sometimes java script code can be replaced so that is very nice.
Whole user profile page was established in bootstrap ( what I had described in previous post ) and I think looks pretty without any big effort from me.
Other very cool stuff is navbar which is displaying for mobile devices. In SmileTable application for desktop browser resolutions dislaying is simple header, but for mobiles that header is hidden and I am displaying navbar with buttons from header. That is very cool!



4. Infinitie scroll

This is manner for display next post from database to client browser. It is very cool and works just fine. It’s hard to ilustrate that in picture so I reference to future post ( something like Daj Się Poznać 2016 ) where I will show my application in work 🙂



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